Government Links

Caveat: This is by no means a comprehensive list of government Web sites. Practically every government agency has one. I have only listed sites that I hope you will find useful or interesting, as well as those that catalog other government sites. If you are interested in a state or federal agency that isn't listed here, try locating it through one of the gateway sites.
The Federal Web Locator
A comprehenive collection of links to federal government websites and sites for many quasi-official entities. 

FedWorld Information Network
A compilation of links to government websites and servers by the National Technical Information Service. 

Federal Agencies Site Directory
The LSU library's listing of federal agency websites. 

THOMAS - Legislative Information
The Library of Congress' Congressional database offers the full text and status of pending and recently enacted bills, the Congressional Record, and information on members of Congress and Congressional Committees. 

General Accounting Office
The GAO audits and evaluates government activites and programs. Online you can access GAO reports and testimony, and you can also order free printed copies. This truly is an invaluable resource. 

Federal Election Commission
It's been said that we have the best government that money can buy. Now anyone can find out who's buying and who's selling. This online database allows you to check campaign contributions in federal elections by candidate, individual and corporate donors, and PACs. The database includes "soft money" contributions. 

White House Publications
Online access to current speeches, press releases, policy statements, executive orders, press conferences and briefings, etc. 

Government Printing Office
Search over 50 government databases and access government electronic publications. 

Securities & Exchange Commission
The SEC's EDGAR database provides the full text of practically all documents required to be filed with the SEC by publicly-held companies and others. The site also provides information about enforcement actions and investor alerts. 

Bureau of Labor Statistics
The consumer price index, employment statistics, and other economic indicators produced by the BLS. 

Census Bureau
Many Census reports, covering a wide range of topics, are available online. There is also information on how to order printed copies. 

USPS Zip Code Lookup
The Postal Service database allows you look up zip codes by entering the delivery address. Surprisingly, it works. 

Current information about NASA projects as well as an extensive gallery of still images, audio clips, and video clips from space missions. 

See the Bureau's statements concerning major investigations and its compilation of crime statistics, plus the ever popular 10 most wanted list. 

No spies or secret stuff here, just online access to agency publications such as The World Fact Book. But there are warnings that Big Brother will be monitoring your use of this site. 

Federal Trade Commission
Information about scams, pyramid schemes, and other types of consumer fraud. 

The Capitol Steps
Enough serious stuff -- try the lighter view of government.

Info Louisiana
Gateway to state government websites, including the governor and executive departments and agencies, both houses of the legislature, and the judiciary. 

Legislative Bill Information
Get a brief description and report on the status of bills introduced in the state legislature. 

Executive Orders | Press Releases
Two links: (1) text of executive orders of the governor from 1992 to the present, and (2) selected press releases by the governor's press office. 

Environmental Quality Regulations
Almost a complete online set of the Department of Environmental Quality's regulations. A sure cure for insomnia, or helpful information if they're attacking you. 

Project Vote Smart
Provides information on your federal and state elected officials. If you don't know who they are, enter your zip code and find out.