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    Local & Area News

    All The News You Need - news from Everyone-- state wire, weather, sports scores, and local Internet links. 

    The [Baton Rouge] Advocate - so far, the best online newspaper in Louisiana.

    KPLC Television (Lake Charles, LA) - site includes the complete scripts of recent newscasts and local discussion of issues important to the city.

    Local (Lake Charles, LA) weather from The Weather Channel - for those who are not familiar with the area, Lake Charles would include Sulphur, Westlake, and Moss Bluff.

    Lake Charles American Press- Our local paper.  Check out the local news, current events and sports. 

    Customize Your News, Weather, Sports, etc.
    There are several free services on the Web that allow you to customize your news, weather, and sports. It's like designing your own newspaper so that it includes only the topics, information, stock quotes, and sports scores that interest you. Two of the best personal news services are: 

    My Yahoo!My Yahoo! provides customized news, stock quotes, sports scores for selected teams, weather for selected cities, local news and Internet links, and allows you to customize the various Yahoo! features.

    Excite Live!From Excite's main page, click on the Excite Live! logo to set up your personal pages. In addition to personalized news, weather, sports, and stock quotes, Excite Live! also provides NewsTracker -- your personal news-clipping service -- tv listings, your daily horoscope, and even reminders for holidays, birthdays, and other important events.